Saborino Morning Care Face Mask Fruity Herbal (32 pcs)

$22.95 $28.00

BCL Saborino Morning Care Sheet Mask Fruit Herbal helps to hydrate and nourish the skin.

  • All-in-one morning mask helps to wake up and revitalize skin
  • Moisturizes and nourishes skin
  • Improves skin elasticity and firmness

Water, Glycerin, BG, Ethanol, Ascorbyl Glucoside, Avocado Extract, Orange Oil, Cucumber Fruit Extract, Grapefruit Peel Oil, White Shark Polysaccharide, Honeysuckle Leaf Extract, Tea Tree Leaf Oil, Honey, Hyaluronic Acid Na, Betaine, Soluble Collagen, PEG 60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Acetylated Hyaluronic Acid Na, Xanthan Gum, Citric Acid, Citric Acid Na, Menthol, Malic Acid, Phenoxyethanol, Ethyl Paraben, Methylparaben, Perfume


Carefully remove one sheet mask and apply evenly over face, aligning the eyes, nose and lip areas of the mask with that of the face. It is recommended to leave on for 60 seconds. Remove mask after this time and carefully pat in any remaining essence.

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