Netsusama Cooling Gel Sheets For Kids


Kobayashi Netsusama Cooling Gel Sheets For Kids will help to cool down skin.

  • Convenient adhesive gel sheets provides immediate relief from fever or muscle aches
  • Works instantaneously upon contact with skin
  • Flexible sheets can be applied anywhere on the body to reduce high temperature

Remove transparent film and affix gel cooling sheet to desired body part (forehead, neck, arms etc). Wipe skin surface before use. If sheet loses cooling effect then replace it with a new one. Use each sheet only once for effectiveness and hygiene reasons. Store in refrigerator to maximize cooling effect. Do not store in freezer as it may deteriorate. 

To store unused cooling gel sheets, fold the aluminum sachet twice along dotted line and put inside box or refrigerator after opening to ensure it avoids contact with air.

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