Eye Talk 8ml


Koji Eye Talk is an adhesive that helps to create a double eyelid and gives the image of bigger and wider looking eyes.

  • Contains Rosemary Extract to moisturize and the skin around the eyes
  • Transparent in colour after application
  • Water-soluble makes it easy to wash off

Rubber Latex Water Alkyl Acrylate Copolymer Ammonium Ammonia Water PVP Alkyl Acrylic Copolymer Butyl Paraben Isobutyl Paraben Isopropyl Paraben Fragrance Centrifolia Flower Extract BG Yuzu Fruit Extract Casein


Apply onto clean skin. Use the Y stick to locate your ideal double eyelid line by pressing slightly on eyelid (usually 3mm-6mm above the eye). Close the eye and apply glue along the desired eyelid line. When the glue is half dried (semi-transparent), use the Y stick to press gently on your eyelid and open your eyes. Adjust the double lid using the Y stick from the eye corners if required. To remove, use a wet cotton pad to gently wipe.

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