Mask House

Diamond V Fit Mask Box Set (5 V-Fit Mask + 1 Slimming Band)


Mask House Diamond V Fit Mask Set will help to lift and firm loose, sagging skin to reveal more angular facial contours. 

  • Comes with 5 hydrating sheet masks and an easy-to-use slimming band
  • Masks are enriched with hydrating ingredients to plump up skin and combat fine lines and wrinkles
  • Slimming band works to accelerate metabolism and boosts lymphatic system

Cleanse and dry hands and face before use. Take out and unfold V-Fit mask sheet and apply it on face, larger areas of cheeks and upper neck area. Fix slimming band under the chin with coloured part outside. Tighten slimming band and adjust ear holds as necessary. Pull head strap over head and firmly fasten. After 30-40 minutes, gently peel off mask and lightly massage jawline and neck area to aid absorption of essence. Process should be repeated every other day each week. Use continuously for a month for maximum results.

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