We often have people asking us what the best Korean moisturizer going around is. However, there is no one Korean moisturizing product that can answer this as all moisturizers are formulated with different intentions to address various skin concerns. Therefore, the best Korean moisturizer for you would mostly depend on what skin type you are. We have compiled a list of some of the best Korean moisturizers for each different skin type below:


For Dry Skin


For Normal & Combination Skin


For Oily Skin


For Sensitive Skin


If you have tried these Korean moisturizers, feel free to review them in our store to help other people gain more insight into what Korean moisturizers may work for them. Alternatively, if there is a Korean moisturizer that we may have missed that you believe belongs on this list then please let us know at hello@lilabeauty.com.au. Thank you for reading this and enjoy your Korean skin care adventure!